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Welcome to “I AM Divine” with your hosts Paula Hunter and Kim Garden. The definition of Divine, from a spiritual perspective, is understanding who you are as Spirit and stepping into the knowing that you are perfect, just as you are, as Spirit, a higher consciousness. When you learn to embody your divinity, that is your birthright, you begin to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

If you can dream it – you can create it!

Kim Garden

Kim Garden is a certified Master Spiritual Psychology Coach, Spiritual Psychology Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Author, and featured guest at spiritualist churches, psychic fairs, and radio shows.

Kim Garden is passionate about soul connection, whether with her own, her
clients, or those in the spirit realm.

Kim has been working with Spirit for 14 years and believes you can master
your intuition through self-love by taking the time every day to check in with
your soul.

Kim has made it her life's work to teach her clients the importance of acknowledging and releasing their feelings and aligning them with their intuition so they no longer have to look outside themselves for answers.

Paula Hunter

Paula Hunter is a Master Spiritual Psychology Coach, Spiritual Psychology Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Clinical Hypnotist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and ordained Metaphysical Minister who believes that the more tools she has in her tool box, the more she can assist her clients.

Paula has over 25+ years working as a Psychic Medium and truly understands that there are many ways to heal. She uses her intuitive abilities to receive information from her guides on the best method to assist her clients.

She is committed to assist intuitives and empaths heal their trauma, develop their intuitive channels, remove false masks and identities to understand who they are to manifest the life they deserve and desire to live.


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Manifesting Masterclass with Kim & Paula

Kim and I are super excited to share a brand new Masterclass for February of 2024!

Let us help you start the new year right by helping you identify what you would like to manifest in 2024 and help teach you the tools to help you get there.