December 7, 2023 - Meditation


Join us on our Facebook group for a meditation with Paula Hunter guiding you.

Time:  1 pm EST / 2 pm AST

December 20, 2023 -  Christmas Cheer - A Year in Review

Join us on our Facebook group when we go LIVE to bring forward messages from your departed loved ones and pets.

Time:  7 pm EST / 8 pm AST

December 13, 2023 - Online Reading

Join us on our Facebook or zoom if you would like to join in the conversation as we invite you in to look at 2023. Grab a beverage, put on that ugly Christmas sweater, Santa hat or reindeer antlers and lets talk about what we have learned this year - the ups and the downs and growth that we have accomplished.

Time:  6:30 pm EST / 7:30 pm AST

Manifesting Masterclass - January 6, 2024

Time:  9:00 AM EST / 10:00 AM AST

Are you ready to start 2024 manifesting your dreams and desires?

Paula and Kim are super excited about our masterclass and the opportunity to come together and help you create a life you deserve in 2024.

Our Masterclass includes:

- all about manifesting and how it works

- how we create and manifest your life

- help you clarify what is important for you in 2024

- help you set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals

- spiritual practices to keep you focused on your goals

- meditations/spiritual prayers to create abundance

- 40 day abundance practices

- we will create vision boards together

- Q & A to make sure you have a solid plan in place to create the life you deserve

... and so much more!

This masterclass will run 4 - 6 hours

December 21, 2023 -  Ask Us Anything

Join us on our Facebook group when we go LIVE with our "Ask Us Anything" where we will discuss different Spiritual topics

Time:  1 pm EST / 2 pm AST

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 891 0269 6723

Cost:  $99 plus HST